Together, Inc. – Earth Day

About This Project

For our Together, Inc. project, we did a big clean up on the front entryway and put in mulch and new plants. We did some work in the back, that involved taking out two large stumps in preparation for another project we’ll be doing in May. As Mike would say, “The team got together to get together, Together! As in we hit them with a Sun Valley make over. Lots of great compliments and a pleasure to make this place look great. And so we’re all happy together.”

Sun Valley Landscaping employee, Christine also commented that, “Yesterday, was heart-warming and very rewarding! Not only did it give SVL a chance to give back to the community, the response by the staff and visitors to the project and its outcome was very positive.  We received nothing but glowing remarks, smiles, and warm gestures. I truly feel like we made an impact at Together Inc.”