Boys & Girls Club Westside – Earth Day

About This Project

At the Boys & Girls Club Westside location we did a complete redesign of the front entryway that included: adding 3 small retaining walls, planting, mulching, lawn care and seeding. We even got some help from a few of the kids who were at the club that day.

Paul Fraynd told us, “When we were working on this project, one of the teachers came outside with her arms crossed looking like she was upset almost. I was a little worried, but then she just said: ‘You guys, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been told this is going to happen and it never has until today…. it makes me so happy to see this, and the kids will enjoy walking up to see it too. It will brighten up our days a little.’  That’s something that makes us feel good about what we do and why we keep doing it.”