Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness



Allison Ridgway wanted to give back to her community and share the meaning of giving with her children. She was able to bring these values to life through random acts of kindness, “I decided to start doing ‘random acts of kindness’ with my boys on my birthday because I wanted to share the act of giving with them and celebrate it. I enjoy helping people, it’s what I love to do. I wanted to teach my boys th4at birthdays are about celebrating the person and not just parties and gifts.”

With the road of life ever changing, things don’t always happen how they were originally planned. Allison said that, “each year presents it’s challenges and rewards. Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned or people don’t get it and act like we’re crazy”. This doesn’t change her giving spirit though, “I have no doubt we will continue for years to come. It just feels right. Other times we’ve touched people’s hearts and motivated them to get involved”.

Not only are these acts a providing valuable lessons and instilling giving morals, but they are also a fun activity that she and her boys look forward to. In addition to committing the acts, she said that everything else about them, “Brainstorming and prepping before, spending the day with my kids thinking of others, recapping it all at the end of the day, it is all very satisfying. The moments when I see my kids taking the initiative, getting creative with ways to help, or feeling proud of what they are doing really stick with me. It motivates me to want to do it again.”2

Each year the acts have a theme to them. Last year it was about those who give their all to helping children grow and create a brighter future. It was centered around teachers. While Allison described it as one of her most memorable years yet, “Honoring teachers was probably one of my favorite themes. They were all so surprised and appreciative. To have my boys be able to visit all their former teachers to say thank you…it was all very special!”, she is looking forward to the themes yet to come.

No matter the theme, the amount of people they touch or inspire, Allison just hopes that this tradition, “becomes a way of life for my children because the world needs more givers. This is a fun, simple way to share our love and light with the world. I hope that in doing this each year we make someone smile. That we touch someone’s heart, or help lighten someone’s load. That we brighten someone’s day, and hopefully inspire someone to do the same for someone else.”