Hope Park Project: An Interview with Jaymes Sime

Hope Park Project: An Interview with Jaymes Sime

Hope ParkPhoto Courtesy of Cara Wilwerding

Not too long ago Hope Park was just an empty lot in a Council Bluffs neighborhood that was littered with glass and needles. For some children though, it was the only place to play in the neighborhood. Jaymes Sime, executive director at the MICAH house, recognized the need for a new and safe space for kids to play, so he made it his responsibility to restore the lot. During an interview with Jaymes, he said his hopes for the park are that, “it becomes the epicenter of community involvement. People that live a block or two away begin to take pride in their neighborhood again. Because if you take pride in the community, you’re much more likely to take pride in yourself and take positive opportunities for you children.”

For the past year, Jaymes has been working with the Bayliss West Neighborhood Association, local police officer Jill Knotek, development corporations and rotary clubs to secure grants and build support to complete the project. Over $14,000 has been raised already. To complete the project though, they are in need of an estimated $20,000 more.

Upon hearing about what Jaymes was doing in this neighborhood, Paul Fraynd, CEO at Sun Valley Landscaping, wanted the company to get involved. The company values helping others however they can, so it was a great opportunity. The project reminded him that, “dreams can become reality. A small group of people can make a real impact in the lives of others”. Pouring of concrete for the basketball court took place in the fall of 2015, so this spring when the time came to prepare the land around the court for grass, Sun Valley Landscaping was there to help. They took  care of grading, seeding, and fertilizing, and will continue to be present and a helping hand throughout the completion of the entire project. “Imagine how many children will play in Hope Park. Laughing, playing, and cherishing fun memories with their friends. We hope these kids will then be inspired to make their own change in the world, to give themselves to others.” – Paul Fraynd

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Hope Park Progress as of May 19th, 2016