You’ve been challenged!

It’s time we all made a commitment to helping our community and creating a better experience for everyone. Now is the time to get up and give back. Join the movement of people committed to creating change in their community by pledging to Commit20. Our goal is to partner with 500 nonprofits and log a total of 20,000 hours served in the Omaha community in 2016!


Commit20 hours logged in 2015!


Commit20 hours logged in 2016!

The idea of Commit20 started out small, as a way for Sun Valley Landscaping employees to become more involved in community volunteer projects. As a company, we had completed a couple different service projects in the fall of 2014. The energy and excitement from those projects among our employees was infectious. Everyone was talking about it, and wanting to do more. They liked volunteering! But then we thought, why limit it to just our employees? We wanted to do something big, and we wanted it to be meaningful to more people than just us here at Sun Valley Landscaping. The original goal was to reach 10,000 hours logged by 500 pledges, but that goal was far surpassed when the total of 29,173 hours came in. This year we have the goal to partner with 500 nonprofits and log 20,000 hours served in the community!


So take the next step now and join us by making the commitment today! Worried about 20 hours being too much? Don’t be, we will help you fulfill it! We compiled a list of resources you can utilize to find organizations that you would be interested in volunteering at. Together, we will put people first by giving back to our community, and creating experiences that make an impact!

Commit2Recruit Contest

The Commit2Recruit contest is back again this summer! From June 15th to September 15th, 2016 we will be challenging Commit20 partnered nonprofits to recruit volunteers to give back their time with them, and then have them log service hours on the Commit20 website. Whichever nonprofit recruits the most active Commit20 volunteers by September 15th  at midnight, will win a $5,000 landscape beautification install on Earth Day 2017!